Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Top Spa Trends - Inclusive Wellness

The boomer generation was primarily responsible for fueling and financing the multi billion dollar anti-aging movement. They threw buckets of money at anything and everything that would help them turn back time in hot pursuit of redefining what aging really meant, and looked like.  As a result they placed great demands on cosmetic manufacturers and their products, spas and their treatments, and of course, plastic surgeons and their expanding list of procedures.

Fast forward to 2013.  A great percentage of boomers are now entering the world of senior citizen status.  Their money is now being aimed at wellness communities in an effort to treat other aging issues such as arthritis, hip and knee replacements, back ailments, heart disease and a whole host of disabilities.

The rapid increase of aging boomers is once again setting a very obvious trend - treatment and recovery programs for aches and pains. Spas are once again adjusting their offerings to accommodate this special demographic . . . after all, the boomer generation is big business. The definition of 'new age' is changing . . . the new age on everyone's radar for many years to come is anything to do with "grey power" and how to serve their very definite needs.