Friday, March 7, 2008

SOTHYS Active-Contour Age Defying Cream

Active Contour Age Defying Eye Cream celebrates a wise combination of plant extracts that improve the micro-circulation, decongest, hydrate, soothe, neutralize free radicals and promote tissue repair. Its creamy texture is great for protecting the eye area and preventing, or slowing down, the signs of degradation, in other words, . . . aging. Prevention is always hard to see, but if you start using a simple high quality cream like this at the first signs of any fine lines you will have given your eye area the much needed protection it requires. It does not offer the extra ingredients to deal with perimenopausal aging, but is a nice eye cream. The pump bottle delivers a little too much cream at a time; half a pump is more then adequate for both eyes. A commendable eye cream worthy of a recommendation for the 25 to 40 age group.
$46 for 0.5 oz US
$52 for 15 ml Canada