Monday, March 17, 2008

Green Light Therapy for Hyperpigmentation

Each color in the light spectrum vibrates at certain frequency provoking a response in cellular activity within the skin. Red light excites the cells, and in doing so, kicks powerful anti-aging and healing abilities into high gear. Blue light possesses purifying and antibacterial properties gifting relief to those suffering from acne.

Green light therapy is said to assist in diminishing pigmentation irregularities, such as age spots and hyperpigmentation, while regulating the melanin production responsible for these and other 'tell-tale' age related give-aways. Most pigmentation problems are caused by two primary factors, the sun and hormones. Why green light? The theory is based upon the fact that melanin absorbs light predominantly in the green-yellow spectrum. Green light is also touted to eliminate redness from chemical peels and bleaching treatments. While Red and Blue light phototherapy are supported by solid research, and are highly recommended treatments with expected results, there is not much supportive evidence as to the final outcome of green light therapy. Some results have been most impressive while others were unpredictable, uneven results. According to research, the jury is still out on this one. Not to worry, there are many other alternatives to effectively improve the appearance of unsightly pigmentation problems. Stay tuned.

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