Monday, March 10, 2008

Eye and Lip Cream Duo?

What is your opinion of a combined eye and lip cream?

It is true, several companies sell an 'all-in-one' eye and lip cream. There are retail lines (Lancome, Philosophy, Guerlaine, Sisley, L'Oreal) and professional lines (Yonka, Decleor, Darphin), to name a few. Our opinion? The skin around the eyes and lips is completely different. Each require different ingredients. The lips are the transition between the skin and the mucous membrane of the mouth and is full of sensory neurons. They need to be hydrated, protected, and lip products will often increase the blood supply to heighten nourishment, keeping the lips plump. This means the lips will swell a little. This swelling effect is not something wanted in the eye area. Lip products also incorporate ingredients such as peptides to help minimize and/or slow down the degradation of the collagen along the lip line (orbicularis oris muscle) around the mouth . . . you know those nasty little lines we get along the lip. This skin is thicker (like the skin on the rest of the face) than the skin of the eye area.

Eye creams are designed to hydrate gently so as not to trigger puffiness, or provoke a reaction in this delicate, thin area. Yes, improving circulation is desirable, but not to increase it. In the eye area we are more interested in something that will decongest and remove any puffiness. Of course, re-enforcing the dermal proteins (collagen and elastin) is important, but only when taking into consideration the specific target area.
Note: Ingredients for eye products should be ophthamologically tested.