Wednesday, March 5, 2008

DERMALOGICA Intensive Eye Cream

Dermalogica’s Intensive Eye Repair is a great multi-tasking cream offering an abundance of unique active ingredients specifically targeted to the special needs of the eye area. It has been carefully formulated to keep the skin healthy while working hard to maintain the integrity and function of this fragile skin. This cream has great healing regenerative properties, work-horse antioxidants to neutralize free radicals, ingredients to prevent puffy eye lids, super hydrators, and powerful botanicals to soothe and decongest the eye area. Dermalogica incorporated a selection of plant extracts and vitamins that work together to aid circulation and help strengthen the eye's delicate tissue while allowing the skin to do its job of repairing and regenerating itself. What more could you want? This praiseworthy product is easy to recommend to those who are 25+. Someone who is 45+ may want something more age appropriate.
$45 for 0.5 oz US
$55 for 15ml Canada