Monday, July 14, 2008

INSTITUT DERMED Antioxidant Protective Toner

Institut Dermed's Antioxidant Protective Toner is a great example of how beneficial a toner can be. While doing its job rebalancing the pH of the skin after cleansing and preparing the skin to facilitate penetration of the serums and creams that follow, it also offers an incredible defense against free radical damage.

This formula contains anti-oxidants like vitamin C, uric acid, antioxidant enzymes like L-glutathione, and Spin Trap (molecules that make anti-oxidants more effective and productive) creating a solid defense against stress and all types of aging. The geramium provides de-stressing properties, and along with aloe vera and allantoin, soothes and promotes hydration. Witch hazel has been added for its slight astringent properties and the ability to help minimize redness and fragile capillaries. The alcohol content is rooted from jasmine which is non-drying and functions as a preservative. The overall benefits of this toner will boost the results of a good skin care regime and offers an added bonus of a mist applicator making this product a pleasure to use.