Monday, July 28, 2008

Oxygenating Facials

An oxygenating facial is perfect for anyone who is stressed out. Stress comes with one clear-cut guarantee, . . . if you are dealing with stress, your skin and every other tissue in your body will be dealing with it. In a stressed skin the cells are not getting sufficient oxygen and are unable to detoxify themselves, nor are they able to regenerate. The result is what skin care professionals refer to as an asphyxiated skin. In a younger person it will usually show as toxins sitting under the surface of the skin, like blemishes that have not yet made their debut. In a more mature person the skin is usually tired looking, dull, and lacks vitality.

Most of us have some level of stress in our lives and we could all benefit from a facial directed at boosting the oxygen activity in our skin. It is also a great way to start another series of treatments to benefit from the increase in cell activity which will offer a much more pronounced result with the treatments and products that follow. This presents a perfect time to kick off a new anti-aging regimen.

Most oxygenating facials are designed to boost the cellular uptake of oxygen improving cellular function (detoxifying and regenerating), enhance the circulation (the blood provides oxygen to the cells and carries away waste), and promote detoxification, often through specific massage manipulations, or incorporating lymphatic drainage. An oxygenating facial will give your skin clarity and brightness while energizing your cellular activity. A royal stress-buster indeed!