Friday, July 25, 2008

Oxygenating Facials - The Way to Glow

My skin is dull and I can't remember the last time I had that peachy, healthy glow. I have heard oxygenating facials are the way for me to go. Should I just have this type of facial from now on or should I mix it up a little?

Oxygenating facials will certainly help you regain a healthy glow. Whether or not you should change it up depends somewhat on the cause. Someone who smokes, has a poor diet, poor elimination, or has poor health is continually stressing the skin cells and will find a need to keep something oxygenating in their skincare regimen, either facials or home care. If you are healthy and have gone through a temporary disruption in your skin, stay with the oxygenating care until the skin has regained its glow, and then consider addressing the other concerns of your skin. A mask, or serum, would be a great addition to your daily care to help to boost oxygenation. You glow girl!