Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cell Phone Madness - Is This Thing On?

The next time someone says your skin is just radiating, they may literally mean it! New research from Finland indicates cell phone radiation alters protein expression and activity in human skin. In the study, a small area of the forearm of 10 female volunteers were exposed to cellphone radiation for one hour to simulate a similar length phone call. Skin biopsies were collected from exposed and non-exposed areas. The results indicate the exposed skin was significantly altered when compared to the non-exposed skin. (i.e., one protein increased by 89%, the other decreased by 32%.)

The conclusion? Apparently, cell phone radiation biologically alters the skin. Researcher Dariusz Leszczynski said, "even if the changes are small, they still exist." The point is that living tissue responds to cell phone radiation in one way or another, which cannot be a good thing. Further testing is slated for 2009.

In the meantime, you should know . . .
• cell phone users who wear metal rimmed glasses are intensifying the exposure to their eyes by 20 per cent and into the head by 6.3 per cent.
• using a cell phone in a vehicle can accelerate radiation levels by up to 10-fold due to resonance effect.