Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Facial Massage

What are the five classical massage manipulations mentioned in the Signature Facial post?

No matter if it is a hand, facial, foot, or body massage there are different manipulations used to achieve different results. Most beauty therapists use a structured massage format and will vary it depending on the needs of the client and the result they are after. Almost every massage will include the five classical massage manipulations, used in different rhythms, different pressures, different depths and different order depending on the client’s needs, tissue condition, therapist and the goal of the treatment. Some are gliding manipulations to soothe, relax, aid circulation and help the body to detoxify, while others are kneading, vibrating or tapping movements done to stimulate circulation, stimulate and detoxify deeper tissues, improve tonus, and promote cell regeneration. The movements can be done with finger tips, whole fingers, or the entire hands, depending on the area being treated. The pressure applied will depend on the goal, depth of tissue being treated and the comfort of the client. Five classical massage manipulations, . . . five more reasons to visit your beauty therapist on a regular basis.