Monday, August 11, 2008

Lymph Drainage

My esthetician told me she includes lymph drainage in my facials. What does that do?

Some beauty therapists will be trained to do lymph drainage or to incorporate some of the movements into their massage. This type of massage is not deep, it does not involve very much pressure at all, and for those accustomed to a deep kneading massage this will feel like nothing. It is an incredible method of detoxifying the tissue as it promotes the movement of lymph through the lymph nodes to be detoxified. Lymph relies on the motion of the body for its movement and can easily become sluggish. It is responsible for nourishing and cleansing the cells not reached directly by the blood. Lymphatic drainage movements must be carried out in a specific order and pattern with little pressure, or the treatment is useless. It is a very beneficial modality for skin that needs to be detoxified or that is prone to edema (swelling). The lymph drainage massage may probably not be memorable, but the results will be.