Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dermed Anti-Oxidant Rich Cream

DerMed is known for its high quality cosmeceutical ingredients. This cream is a great product for preparing the skin’s defence before a medical procedure, or for expediting the healing process after a procedure. Its focus boosts the anti-oxidant arsenal in the skin by helping the skin defend itself against free radical damage and repair damage that has been caused. Whenever the skin is traumatized in any manner, free radical activity is promoted, resulting in cellular damage and aging or degradation of the skin. Not exactly a desired effect, particularly after undergoing cosmetic enhancement surgery to improve one's appearance. Sun damage is another example of trauma that negatively affects the skin.

The active ingredients in this cream offering anti-oxidant properties are extracts from Black Tundra Moss, and of course, Vitamin E. The Vitamin A promotes new, healthier cell renewal and has receptor sites on almost all of your body cells, which means it is well received and utilized in cellular functions. The allantoin and lecithin are anti-inflammatory ingredients that minimize any potential irritation to the actives, allowing better reception and results. Hyanluronic Acide has been included in this skin boosting cream to control the dehydrating properties Retinol (Vitamin A) sometimes causes. All in all, Dermed has offered a cosmeceutical cream that is one to seriously consider.