Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pure Skin BrowTox Wrinkle Relaxer

This is an interesting cosmeceutical serum offering relaxing properties to muscles, which translates to wrinkles with less depth. It contains Argireline®, also known as acetyl hexapeptide-3. This peptide has gained a reputation for triggering muscles to relax making it an excellent ingredient for smoothing out those lines around the eyes, the forehead, or wherever your expressions have created wrinkles. It gives an immediate effect that is cumulative with continual use. The formula combines the peptide with Curare Extract, known for its muscle relaxing properties and intensified action. It does not inhibit the muscle from functioning, but makes the contractions less severe.

There are some other great ingredients in this serum. The formula contains hyaluronic acid, an incredible hydrator and collagen protector, along with an extract from the mushroom family (Beta glucan) used to boost dermal hydration and reinforce the skin's defense. These ingredients ensure that the skin's hydration is secure. It's important to remember that hydration is one of the first essentials lost in the skin, and this loss causes degradation of the skin and its defense. Galangal root is present to help firm and tone the skin while complementing the other active ingredients.

This product is an easy to use serum on clean skin. Simply apply it on areas of concern and follow with your cream. Use it twice a day for the first month and then maintain your results by using it once a day. Hmm, . . . maybe that injection can be put off for a bit. You will be impressed.