Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spas and the Swine Flu

"Considering what is going on with the recent outbreak of the swine flu, is it safe to keep my appointment at my local Spa, or should I rebook?"

It is a valid question. The Swine Flu, or H1N1, has certainly heightened health awareness. The truth of it is, the hygienic practices discussed in the media should be a part of our daily routine, not just when there is an epidemic, or potential pandemic. These kind of health matters are definite concerns of the Spa you visit, if you are in the right place of business. Spa management and their staff members are trained to provide a safe and sanitary haven to their clients. You may notice extra precautions such as gloves, masks, and stricter rules for employees (and clients) who must stay home if they are ill. Obviously, vigilant sterilization and hand washing play a key role.

Passing any type of infection is definitely not good for business. Plain and simple. If you are nervous about it, (and who would blame you), ask your Skin Care Specialist to address your concerns and inform you as to what they are doing for extra precautions. We are certain they will welcome your questions. If they don't . . . you need to look for another Spa.