Friday, September 4, 2009

Indian Head Massage

Unfortunately, most massage therapies overlook the head, which is the literal the command center of the entire physical, mental and emotional presence. Yes, shoulders and the neck are usually included, . . . but the head? Not so much. In fact, sometimes the best head rub in town is given by a small percentage of top notch hairdressers who understand the magic of a good scalp massage.

Ayurvedic practices incorporate an ancient head massage technique utilizing warm oil (sweet almond, sesame, or olive) to slowly massage the scalp. In the West, each client is given a choice of a wet or dry massage, and one that is focused on relaxation or stimulation. Since this treatment is given while fully clothed, this decision will accommodate everyone's schedule and time of day. A dry, stimulating head massage is perfect for those who are on a lunch break or at the airport 'heading' for a meeting. In the evening, a wet (oil) head massage focused on relaxation is the perfect prelude to a peaceful night with the bonus of a great night's sleep.

Each treatment begins with a firm, gentle rhythmic massage of the upper back, shoulders, upper arms and neck, impacting the three higher chakras - body, mind, spirt. The massage continues down the arms and hands, up the neck to the scalp, face and ears. This soothing massage not only treats the head and hair, but benefits the entire body. It eases strained muscles, migraines and tension headaches, stress, and emotional trauma. An Indian Head Massage is clearly more than just a simple head rub. Each treatment usually lasts 45 minutes and costs on average between $75 - $100.