Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi massage is based on an ancient Hawaiian healing touch therapy where thumbs, knuckles, hands, forearms and elbows are used in continuous flowing movements to release blocked energy and ease tension. Initially, a Lomi Lomi practitioner will create a harmonious stillness with the client to spark a deep communication with the body through intuition, mediation and touch. Once this is accomplished, the massage will commence through a gentle kneading of the body using wavelike, rhythmic motions to move and radiate healing energy throughout the body. Breath work and energy are also used to create a symphonic healing environment where the client and practitioner are in chorus with one another to facilitate the flow of healing and nurture the body into a positive state of relaxation.

The overall purpose of a Lomi Lomi massage it to align and connect the body, mind and spirit for a more peaceful approach to life. Other benefits include relaxing the nervous system, increasing circulation, aiding digestion, easing congestion, restoration, recuperation from illness and increasing spiritual awareness. In order to properly receive the benefits of this specific type of holistic therapy, it is important to go with an open mind. The proper amount of time should be taken to choose a practitioner carefully. Fees range from $75 - $90 per hour.