Friday, September 11, 2009

Lava Shell Massage

One of the hottest new massage trends found on many spa menus this year is the Lava Shell massage. Similar to the Hot Stone massage, this treatment uses recycled tiger striped clam shells from the Philippines. The shells are meticulously cleaned, polished and varnished until they are completely smooth to the touch.

The shape of the shells make a perfect massage tool that fits beautifully in the palms of the therapist's hands. Each shell has a small hole fitted with a rubber plug which converts it into a small vessel capable of holding fluid. A self contained packet of minerals, volcanic lava powder, algae and sea kelp is placed inside the shell. Once a sea water activator is added to the packet, a chemical reaction releases an even heat that lasts for at least an hour. Just enough time to indulge in a wonderful Swedish Massage. Say good-bye to aches and pains. The Lava Shell Massage is deeply soothing and relaxing while easing tight muscles, and offering a wonderful feeling of health and well being. Kumusta!