Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Clipping coupons and cashing in on money saving "two-fers" has historically been a great way to save money. Until now, coupon afficionados quietly took care of their money saving business amidst an awkward stigma attached to coupons. Enter where the world of coupons changed almost overnight. Now, savvy consumers are using collective buying power to dramatically lower the price and secure a great deal. Groupon is all about the power of numbers. Along with a myriad of other group buy companies, every day there is one deal per city with discounts ranging from 40% - 90 % of the normal price . . . and if enough people buy into the offer, the deal is on and everyone wins. Participants are motivated to get their friends involved to make sure the deal goes forward. Word of mouth marketing at its best. Group purchases have found a significant place in the spa industry offering incredible savings for the consumer and filling up the waiting rooms of many spas across the nation. So what are you waiting for? One spa listed a deal that sold for $50 but had a face value of $188 . . . that's a grand savings of $138. Sold!