Friday, January 14, 2011


Until now, exotic spa treatments usually included ingredients and products imported from other countries and cultures around the world. Currently, there is a growing trend toward spas integrating their treatment menus with locally sourced fruits and herbs. The farm-to-table foodie movement led the way and greatly influenced the farm-to-spa trend. Spas are now supporting small, local farms and utilizing their homegrown bounty to boost their brand and lower the carbon footprint of transported goods. Some spas are tending to their own organic gardens to add to the overall "fresh and pure" experience and by all accounts . . . consumers love it.

A few good examples of the farm-to-spa trend is the Ojai Valley Inn Spa in California that offers a "Pixie Tangerine and Pomegranate Scrub" using locally grown tangerine halves to scrub the body with a sugar-based exfoliant mixture. A spa in Sonoma, California, offers a spa treatment based around a salve made of wine and honey from nearby vineyards. The Aspira Spa in Wisconsin created treatments based upon elderberries grown on the surrounding plains, and contracted the work out to a nearby organic farm, along with lavender, rosemary and other beautifying herbs. Nature's beautiful bounty at its very best.