Wednesday, January 12, 2011


According to research, beauty within big city limits opens more doors, gets one person hired over another, and offers better pay and faster promotions. As much as these results are offensive in almost every way . . . it happens. Beauty is a powerful form of social currency. Right or wrong, the beauty industry has identified this as a major money making market and created a multitude of ways to change a person's appearance almost over night. In fact, the cosmetic enhancement industry is moving so fast that Botox is almost passé.

There are needles, lasers, chemical peels, stem cells, cell rejuvenation, and plasma therapy . . . to name a few. Make no mistake, many of these treatments are painful and should not be decided upon lightly, but numbers don't lie. $679 billion dollars were spent on cosmetic enhancements during a trying economy. What does that tell us? Beauty, whatever that means, reigns. The slogan, "no pain, no gain" has recreated itself and those who subject themselves to these types of treatments expect immediate and extreme results. Extreme beauty, indeed. One more thing . . . research also states that this beauty craze thrives only within the city big limits . . . apparently those who live rurally, don't share the same views on beauty. Interesting.