Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Acne, Acne, Acne . . .

One or two blemishes is not really an indication of the 'dreaded' acne. Acne is a fairly broad condition that includes different types of skin blemishes and various causes and triggers, such as a genetic predispostion, hormonal fluctuations, stress, environment, UV exposure, skin care products, procedures, and lifestyle (i.e. diet, sleep, smoking, alcohol). Some types of acne are considered to be caused internally while others are external.

Treating or caring for the different types of acne varies on whether you are trying to heal a few blemishes, or treat a general condition. The more that is understood about the cause of the triggers for the breakouts, the better the results that can be achieved. There are some incredible treatments and products to help heal and redefine an acneic condition. These range from specialized facials,light therapy, microdermabrasion, (not for pustular acne), desincrustacian, high frequency, to homecare products. Some minor changes can often rectify the condition, for example, using a different day cream to protect the skin from the environment, or incorporating specific serums or lotions into your routine. It goes without saying that healthier lifestyle habits will also make a big change in the skin, such as not smoking, keeping the skin hydrated, getting sufficient sleep, eating a balanced diet, etc.

If you are considering a change to an acne care line, . . . do your homework. Be careful not to jump into harsher, stronger products that may only irritate your skin and worsen the condition. Some examples of caring for different types of blemishes that are part of the acne family will be posted later this week . . . stay tuned!