Monday, February 16, 2009

Acne Cosmetica aka Acne Picea

Acne Cosmetica, aka Acne Picea, is an externally caused acne where inferior cosmetics, or skin care products, are the big, bad trouble makers. It can be caused by other environmental influences, such as jobs that require wearing a face mask . . . i.e., nail techs that deal with the dust from nail drills, or pedicurists who use electric files, or dental assistants. Those who work in a dusty environment, or around deep fryers, (like those in the local fast food kitchen) may also be prone to this type of acne.

Acne Picea consists of mainly comedones (blackheads), and can appear on a normal to oily skin. You need to be sure the products you use are not occlusive on your skin, dehydrating, or too strong for your skin type, as this will trigger dehydration and increase oil secretion. Also, check the foundation you use to be sure it is not blocking your pores or feels too heavy on your skin. Gentle regular exfoliation will generally offer great results, along with deep cleansers, decongesting masks, and light protective day creams. Spa treatments could include professional peels, microdermabrasion, and deep cleansing treatments with extractions.