Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Acne Vulgaris

Acne Vulgaris is the term given to the most common type of acne. It is an acne that includes comedones (blackheads), pustules (active blemishes), milia (little white bumps), and congestion under the skin. The cause is usually internal but is aggravated by external factors. This is the dreaded acne many adolescents experience as they go through puberty and deal with hormonal changes. It tends to linger for years, reappearing on a monthly basis, just to keep you on your toes. This makes things very difficult as stress plays a major role in stimulating this type of acne.

Dealing with Acne Vulgaris can be a definite challenge, but it can be controlled and overcome. Do not be tempted to use products that are too strong in an attempt to short cut the healing process. Try to use products that will normalize sebaceous secretions, decongest the skin, soothe and heal. Often a local application (affected area only) works best as products that dry and heal blemishes are too strong for general application all over the skin. Exfoliation will be beneficial, but do not rub over active blemishes (pustules). If there are only a few of these gems, work around them. If you have several pustules try using an exfoliating product that uses enzymes, AHAs or BHAs, where rubbing the skin is not necessary.

There are some great decongesting products that help detoxify the skin and eliminate blemishes under the skin's surface. These products can be in a serum, cream or mask format. Be sure to always use a day cream, which is needed to protect your skin, help to balance the secretions, normalize your pH (acid mantle that controls the bacteria on your skin) and promote healing. Stay tuned . . . suggestions for some effective products to follow.