Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SOTHYS Hydra-Matt Fluid

Hydra Mat Fluid is an exceptional day cream for controlling the shine of oily/acneic skin. It has the light fluid texture of a cold emulsion (not really a gel and not really a cream) which is loved by anyone with oily skin who dislikes to feel the weight of cream on their skin. It does not use the standard titanium dioxide, kaolin, and/or zinc oxide that are found in most matifying creams. Instead, it uses apricot kernel powder. Unlike the traditional three (titanium dioxide, kaolin, zinc oxide) that absorb oil and water, the apricot powder only absorbs oil, ensuring the skin does not get dehydrated. This product is so much lighter on the skin. It not only provides a matt finish, and controls shine, it contains almond proteins that reinforce the NMF (Natural Moisture Factor) in the skin to make sure the skin is hydrated. Remember, it is important to never allow oily skin to become dehydrated as it will only produce more oil.

The vitamin complement in this product helps to decongest, calm redness, ensure cellular nourishment and elimination, normalize sebaceous secretion, and promote healing and cell renewal. It is also formulated to address the excessive sebaceous secretion and all of the imperfections (comedones, blemishes, uneven color, congestion, etc.) that can accompany it. The big bonus of this product? You may discover your make-up has not melted away by mid morning.