Monday, February 23, 2009

YONKA - Juvenil - Purifying Concentrate For Problem Skin

Juvenil is a great serum for promoting the healing of blemishes, normalizing oil secretions, clearing blackheads, reducing redness and inflammation, and refining pores. Serums have the capability to give the skin the boost it needs because of the their higher concentrations of active ingredients. They are so simple to use, . . . it is a shame they are not used more frequently.

Like most serums, this one is applied to the skin after cleansing and followed with a cream. It is important to wait a minute or so before applying the cream to allow for the serum to penetrate, otherwise the cream will hold the serum on the skin's surface.

The are many ingredients that make this serum such a gem. The lavender oil, an anti-inflammatory, helps to normalize sebaceous secretions, while soothing the skin and promoting healing. Cypress, lime and thyme also pitch in to regulate oil secretions. Rosemary works on the circulation and helps detoxify the skin. The calendula and geranium oils give a necessary calming effect. There is a little lactic acid in the formula, which will gently ensure there is not a build up of dead skin cells to block the pores and cause blemishes. A truly a winning serum if you are interested in clearing your skin from excess oil and the imperfections that often occur with oily skin.