Friday, March 6, 2009

Anti-Aging Products vs Skin Type

We all need anti-age treatments for our skin, . . . well the largest percentage of the population anyway. However, it is equally important to ensure that the needs of our specific skin types are addressed. For example, a skin that lacks sebum (oil) is dry skin. A no brainer, right? Right. So, no matter how much money you throw at buying an intense firming anti-age treatment, it will not have the desired effect unless the dryness is taken into consideration and treated.

An oily skin type must also be acknowledged before, and during, an anti-age treatment to obtain the desired results. Products that are too rich, products that are not emollient enough, those that use stimulating procedures (products, machines or massage), or those not stimulating enough will have a definite effect on the outcome of the treatment. All these components must be carefully thought out.

Anti-aging skin care has come a long way. There are incredible treatments ranging from standard facial cares to those incorporating equipment, including light therapy and microdermabrasion. It can all be rather confusing, not to mention a big money waster without proper guidance. The key is to work with a professional esthetician who can guide you as to what is best for your skin type while addressing your anti-aging concerns and gain professional insight for effective home care.