Monday, March 2, 2009

Spa Treatments for Acne

I've been enjoying your recent posts on acne. I know one thing for sure. Acne is depressing! What kind of spa treatments will help get rid of this problem?

Most spas will have specific treatments for problem skin. If your primary frustration is blackheads (comedones), ask for a deep cleansing facial that will provide a good exfoliation, deep pore cleanser, and those dreaded (but necessary) extractions. Yes, it is totally worth having a professional do this for you. If extractions are not done properly they can damage the skin, and in some cases, leave permanent marks.

Usually a facial massage is not recommended after a lot of extractions, or for that matter, if there are pimples and blackheads, unless they have a specific product. Extractions should be followed with at least a serum, a mask and a suitable finishing cream in order to rebalance the skin and calm any irritation. It's important to leave your appointment with fresh, clean feeling skin, . . . not looking like you have been attacked.

During the treatment discuss what you can do to minimize the reappearance of the blackheads and/or blemishes. These treatments should be done regularly for a specific period of time (i.e., once a week for a month) and combined with suitable home care. Some spas will incorporate machines to facilitate a softening of the problem area, which will make the extractions easier (the treatment is called desincrustacian). A high frequency machine may be used after extractions for its germicidal action. Select a spa that will work with you on what you can change to facilitate success with your treatment plan. If you are up for a more intense treatment stay tuned for our next post.