Monday, March 23, 2009

Reflexology Spa Treatment

Stress is something we could all use a little less of. Managing stress is essential to good health, a sound mind, and living a balanced life. Traditionally, we are advised to eat healthy foods rich in nourishment and anti-oxidants, drink lots of water, get enough sleep, think positive thoughts, go for relaxing massages, etc. Unfortunately, there is one thing that is usually missing from the list. Reflexology.

Reflexology may not be the muscle kneading massage that comes to mind, but it is a treatment that influences all of the body systems making them function better, making you function better. If your body systems and organs are functioning better they are able to detoxify and neutralize the free radicals and the colossal damage they cause. It is a simple equation, stress promotes free radical damage and free radical damage promotes unhealthy bodies.

Generally more than one treatment is required, especially if there are areas of concern, however one treatment will definitely have your body eliminating toxins and feeling better. If you are not ready for the full reflexology treatment, see if you can have some of the reflexology movements added to your pedicure massage. There are also reflex points on your hands, many of them are worked on in a good manicure massage . . . that is why a good hand and finger massage feels fantastic. In fact, you can work on a great tension releasing point on your own hands, which is just between the thumb and the first finger. Use your other thumb to gently massage the area. If you notice a little tenderness, don't worry, it is normal if you have any stress. Give your hands a little extra massage the next time you apply your hand cream. Your hands and feet are calling you, but your whole body and well-being will benefit.

Note:Reflexology treatments are listed on several of the $50 special menus at participating Spa Week Spas. This is a perfect time to check them out and treat yourself.