Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Hands of Time

We get so caught up caring for the skin on our faces that our hands usually don't get the attention they deserve. They should. A study reported in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Medical Journal confidently states that hands are the second most visible tell-tale sign of one's chronological age. Surprising? Not really. We all know this. In fact, the best plastic surgery performed by the best plastic surgeon will be rendered incomplete if the hands are able to speak louder than the new younger look.

Clearly, our hands are our tools. They are put through incredible work related situations with various detergents, cold and hot water, cold weather, sunshine, and a whole host of other brutalities. The skin on the back of the hands reacts the same way as the skin on the face . . . it thins with lack of care and free radical damage. Unless, gloves are a big part of our wardrobe selections, we all need to do what we can to protect our hands.

Good hand creams are an absolute must. A hand cream by the sink to be applied after each washing and a really good hand treatment designed to be used before bed, (or when you know you won’t be washing your hands for a bit.) Disciplined, regular use is well worth the effort.

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