Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brazilian Bikini Wax Ban Update

It is no surprise the proposed brazilian bikini wax ban is kaput. It is also no surprise that many hair removal experts were up in arms over the potential loss of business for the "bare down there" grooming.

Consumer Affairs Director, David Szuchman, whose office oversees the Cosmetology Board, did not support the ban. He did, however, ask them to "begin an immediate review of the training necessary to safely provide this service, and to establish appropriate protocols and safeguards."

Bottom line? Brazilians ride a fine line, . . . literally. In the wrong hands, they can offer up all sorts of nasty problems. With so many great professionals in this field, trust us when we say, they are worth finding. The upside of this mini-crisis will bring an awareness of higher standards, more training (there is no such thing as too much training), and clients who are more cautious and careful about their choices. And that, friends is a very good thing.