Friday, October 31, 2008

Mesoetetic Winter Promotional Pack

• Radiance Soft Pearls contains Retinol offering a secondary benefit of promoting exfoliation. Retinol promotes the formation of new cells in the lower layer of the epidermis, which in turn promotes the movement of older cells upward to shed. The cell regeneration triggered by Retinol leads to newer healthier skin, minimizing blemishes, lines and giving the skin the glow of vitality. The product is packaged in gelatine capsules (pearls) offering unit doses and easy application. As well as boosting cell regeneration the pearls contain ceremides to reinforce the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin, boosting the defence against moisture loss and environmental aggressions.

• The Radiance Intense Serum is the free radical 'scavenger' of the collection. It has powerful antioxidants (vitamin C, lipoic acid, soya isoflavons) to defend against aging and degradation of the skin, as well as ingredients to boost cellular oxygen promoting detoxification and giving the skin a smoother, more radiant appearance.

• Regenerating Gel is a light protective day cream/gel that hydrates, nourishes, and comforts the skin from the harsher environment of winter. It is so effective that it is often recommended for calming irritated skin after peeling treatments like microdermabrasion. Just think what it would do to soothe skin chapped by winter winds. It contains a powerful cocktail of peptides to boost collagen and elastin to minimize fine lines and help the skin to resist the formation of new tell tale signs of aging.

Mesoetetic designed their winter rescue skin care kit to ensure your skin stays protected and vibrant throughout the winter season . . . a season of radiance.