Wednesday, October 8, 2008

B Kamins Maple Treatment Hand Cream SPF20

This hand cream packs a powerful punch. It is rich with anti-oxidants essential to protect the skin and dermal proteins, like collagen, from degradation (aging) which helps to keep the skin on the hands firm and plump. The natural protective barrier is often stripped away from environmental exposures and frequent washing. Once disrupted, hands are predisposed to free radical damage and discoloration and they begin to feel dehydrated, rough, and uncomfortable.

Reinforcing the protective barrier is essential to protecting and preserving the health of the skin on the hands. The honey and squalene content, combined with the Bio-Maple™, ensures hydration throughout the layers of the skin reinforcing the protective barrier of the corneum (upper layer of the skin) leaving the skin of the hands (and cuticles) feeling soft and supple.This light, non-greasy formula also includes AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) which ensures a healthy non-aggressive turnover of cells, promoting exfoliation of the old and production of the new. The incorporated sun protection gives essential UVA and UVB protection. The guarantee? Your hands will thank you.