Friday, October 10, 2008

NIA 24 - Decolletage and Hands Sun Damage Repair

This hand treatment was created to specifically address sun damage, different types of hyperpigmentation often seen on the backs of the hands (and/or on the décolleté) and to help prevent further damage. The formula contains some great plant extracts that will inhibit the production of melanin, lighten and smooth the skin, support the natural barriers, and offer protection from further ultra violet damage.

The ingredients include great anti-inflammatory action of liquorice (remember any type of inflammation or irritation promotes free radical damage), pigment control of bearberry and mulberry, and soothing actions of allantoin, evening primrose and olive oils. Vitamins B3 and B5 re-establish the protection of the skin barrier and diminish pigmentation. Vitamins C, E, and white tea offer powerful anti-oxidant properties (C will lighten the skin as well). Even with the plant oil content (olive, corn, borage) this cream is comfortable and does not leave a greasy feel to the hands. The light scent of nutmeg adds to the pleasantness and will promote frequent use. Tip: Don’t forget to exfoliate your hands at least once a week to get the best results possible.