Monday, October 13, 2008

Spa Treatment for Hands - Paraffin Wax

Paraffin has the unique ability to absorb, retain and transfer heat to the delicate parts of the hands at a therapeutic level. The heat transfer increases circulation, relaxes stiffness, relieves dryness, and offers a unique relaxing experience, . . . also perfect for joint pain. Prior to the paraffin application, a stress releasing hand massage is followed by a light application of luxurious hydrating cream.

The hands are then immersed in a warm wax, which immediately hardens, and placed into plastic liners and insulated towel mitts to help increase the circulation of the skin and absorption of additional moisture from the cream. The more layers of paraffin the more heat fusion will occur, and the more layers applied, the easier it is to remove. And no, paraffin wax will not pull out or remove hair. The heat immediately releases tension and literally melts stress and tension while rehydrating and soften the appearance of the hands. This half hour treatment is the ultimate in affordable spa luxury. This is truly one of the best and least expensive treatments available at a spa and a personal treat to consider during an economic downturn. Go on, put your hands into those of the professionals and lift your mood. You deserve it!