Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Neck's Little Extras

There are little extras you can do to prevent “softening" of the neck line, or to improve an already “softened" neck. They should definitely be considered before resorting to plastic surgery, or the more aggressive medi-spa treatments. If you decide to choose the medical treatment route these little extras will expedite healing, recovery, and enhance the result of the treatment, especially if you treat your neck to a healthy home treatment program.

Mini Home Treatment: Apply a firming mask to the area of the face and neck. Lay a strip of gauze into it with a lifting motion gently pulling it up over the jaw. Let it set. After 10 - 15 minutes, moisten and remove. The gauze will enhance the effect of the mask and give a little extra lift for a special occasion. Most skin care professionals will recommend masking once a week, but don't be shy, incredible results have been noted with masking daily. Make sure to rinse off the mask before it dries, particularly if it has a clay base as it will dehydrate your skin.

Mini Exercise: Apply cream gently from the center of your chin towards your ears then down the sides of your neck. This will improve the nourishment and detoxifying action of the blood and lymph. Take the pads of your thumb and rest them under your chin, with your mouth closed try to open your mouth with your thumbs providing the resistance, hold for a few seconds then repeat a few times. You will feel a little tightening in the muscle that covers the neck - the one that tends to relax a little too much for our liking. Repeat the same action again, only this time hold your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Hold and repeat as before. You should feel tightening again, but, in a little different place on the muscle (platysma). Now, use the same positioning of the thumbs, but this time open your mouth open and try to push it closed using your thumbs, . . . hmm another sensation of tightening. This little bit of aerobics for the neck takes a couple of minutes and is a great way to apply a serum or cream, or fill in time at a red light. This is a great "waddle-buster."