Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Seasonal Skin Care . . . Yes or No?

There really is something to seasonal skin care. Everyone should change their skin care routine and switch up their products according to the different seasons. The skin responds much better to a little variety when the climate changes trigger problems. Variety is also the skin's spice of life when trying to slow down your own “aging” season. What about those who live in areas that do not have drastic seasonal changes? The skin gets accustomed to external and internal environments and will respond to minor changes, such as temperature, humidity, sun exposure, furnaces, air-conditioning, stress and diet. Even slight changes alter the skin structure and behavior. Have you ever wondered why your skin lacks a little vitality in the spring, glows in the summer, and in the fall you are thinking, “yikes . . . more lines?"

Stay tuned for a little insight on the influence seasons have on your skin and what you can do to sail through the seasons with not only better skin, but great skin.