Monday, June 2, 2008

The Smooth Side of Exfoliation

• brightens the complexion
• refines texture, smoothes skin, minimizes pores and fine lines
• promotes circulation for better cellular nutrition and elimination of wastes
• can lighten pigmentation spots
• can prevent blemish formation due to blocked pores
• will enhance the benefits of light therapy
• allows for better penetration of products applied afterwards, enhances effect of products

FREQUENCY: (depends on the type of exfoliant)
• for thicker duller complexions, once a week,
• maintenance usually once every 2 weeks is sufficient
• if using serums or night creams with AHA's, use daily to give a gentle gradual exfoliation

• do not use exfoliants that have to be rubbed over the skin if you have blemishes or fragile capillaries
• do not be too aggressive or exfoliate too frequently as it will be counter productive and cause inflammation in the skin (free radical activity)
• choose the type of exfoliant that suits your skin type and needs
• don't forget about the rest of your body
• rinse well

Reviews to follow . . .