Friday, April 10, 2009

Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream

This lovely textured night cream focuses on boosting oxygen in the skin, which then triggers the cells to detoxify and regenerate. Oxygen is essential to keep the cellular activity functioning well. This ensures healthy, younger looking skin and minimizes free radical damage. It is important that an oxygenating product not just provide oxygen on the skin (i.e. some contain hydrogen peroxide) as this can actually promote free radical development.

Elemis has created a combination of extracts from marine algae, which not only promotes the utilization of oxygen, but brings benefits of various minerals and vitamins needed for healthy functioning skin. These algae also ensure hydration to the tissues and provide calcium for collagen regeneration and cellular communication. The jojoba, shea butter, sesame, avocado and wheat germ extracts offer the EFA (essential fatty acid) benefits to ensure cell health and free radical defense, as well as incredible emolliency.

This cream is an exceptional anti-age tool as it does more than address the oxygenation for the skin and minimize free radical damages, it also contains some of those incredible peptides that facilitate collagen and elastin regeneration. Give your skin a month (time for cellular turnover), and it will show you a new vitalized healthier younger looking skin.