Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Skin Care "Switch-Up"

Oh, the glory of Spring. It is the time of an awakening, a time dedicated to restoration, rejeuvenation, and revitalization. The air changes, the sun comes out and moods are lifted. As our bodies are unveiled from the wraps of the winter's cold air, it becomes evident that our skin requires a much needed boost of vitality.

During the Spring we take in more fresh air, are more apt to take walks, or go bicycling, while thoroughly enjoying the new season and its new life all around us. In a word, renewal. It is the perfect time to "switch-up" to a new skin care program that will awaken our skin with new ingredients and textures that will jump start cell activity to coincide with nature's shining moments.

Spring is a perfect time to add detoxifying products and treatments to kick things into gear and increase the elimination of toxins and cell regeneration. While dehydration is still and issue, day creams with a lighter texture may offer vitality boosters to give your skin that fresh spring glow. Don't forget to incorporate a detoxifying mask to your daily routine. A great vitamin enriched night cream loaded with anti-oxidants is a good bet. As far as treatments are concerned, now is a great time to book a detoxifying body wrap, an oxygenating facial or a lymphatic drainage treatment (face and body).

Stay tuned . . . product reviews to follow.