Monday, April 20, 2009

PHYTOMER Unique Anti-Cellulite Cream

This active cellulite cream contains an interesting combination of ingredients to combat cellulite. Caffeine and two mineral rich algaes, Laminara Digitata and Palmaria Palmata, are utilized because of their tremendous action on eliminating fats. The iodine found in the Laminara Digitata triggers metabolism and elimination, and is complemented by mineral ions that help to flush the tissues, prevent fluid retention, and improve circulation.

A brown algae (Halopteris Scoparia) incorporated in this formula has shown to have an interesting influence on cells that have not matured to active fat cells. This influence can inhibit the maturation into active fat cells and help slow down fat storage. These are great ingredients to have in the battle against cellulite. The sweet almond, sunflower, jojoba and soya oils promote penetration of the active ingredients, provide emolliency, and are rich with anti-oxidants to ensure the health of the tissues.

As with all cellulite products, apply daily for at least 6 weeks before you will see results. Use a light massage technique when applying the product until it has penetrated, and then knead the area of concern to promote the circulation that will help break up the constricted fibers and clusters of fat. This process will enhance your results. Weekly exfoliation, drinking more water and adding a little cardio will help speed up your results.