Monday, April 13, 2009

Matis Paris Oxygenating Energy Gel Serum

Looking for some extra oomph for your skin? Matis formulated this lovely, light gel serum containing a cocktail of plant extracts that promote oxygenation consumption by the cells. The result? Great anti-age ammunition and an effective way to clear congested dull skin that is crying out to be detoxified and revitalized.

The ingredients speak for themselves. The St. John’s Wart is an incredible hydrator. The Frankincense inhibits some of the cellular communicators that trigger inflammation and promote other communicators to be more efficient. The Mimosa Tenuiflora is a great anti-inflammatory used for its incredible healing properties, and an ability to energize the skin while promoting cellular and collagen regeneration. The grape and rose extracts compliment the other ingredients, improving circulation.

A nice, fresh, easy to use serum that will help the skin overcome the multitude of challenges your skin faces throughout the year. Impressive. Remember to apply serums to clean skin and wait a minute, or so, for them to penetrate before applying cream.

*Don't forget . . . Spa Week begins today!