Friday, April 17, 2009

The Scoop on Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite spa treatments are very effective, but are not a 'one visit' cure. Exfoliation and algae wraps, or treatments using light therapy, infrared, micro currents, and/or kneading the tissues will be offered as a series of treatments given one to three times a week for a few weeks. These treatments offer incredible results but are somewhat of a financial investment, so be sure to change your diet and commit to a little cardio exercise during the treatments . . . you will get far better results in less time.

Many home care products deserve serious consideration, whether they are used to compliment and enhance a spa treatment, or used on their own. The ingredients found in these products are focused on stimulating the elimination of fats as well as slowing down the formation of fat. They also address drainage to promote elimination of wastes and excess fluids. Many cellulite products will create a heat sensation and may turn the skin quite pink, usually as a result of some form of niacin. Caffeine is another common ingredient in formulations because it penetrates well and stimulates the elimination of excess fats. Most products will recommend application twice a day following some type of stimulation like dry brushing, exfoliation, or even a brisk drying with your towel after a shower, as this stimulates the circulation and will lead to better utilization of the ingredients and better results.

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