Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Skin Care

Ah . . . that warm summer air and the glow of the sunshine is simply exhilarating. It also means it is definitely time to change up your skin care products and daily routine. The warmer air may mean there is a little more moisture in the air (for most areas), which plumps the skin a little and minimizes those fine lines adding softness and a healthy fresh glow to the skin.

This is all well and good until you turn on the air conditioning or go and stretch out in the sun. The sun's warm breezes and the the coolness of air conditioning may feel great, but they cause major moisture loss for the skin. Remember, moisture loss leads to aging of the skin. The increase in sebum during the summer can make many feel a day cream is unnecessary. This is far from the truth. The hotter months are a perfect time to change to lighter textures of creams, cold emulsions (between a cream and a gel) and introduce a serum to be used under a product with SPF. Make no mistake . . . your skin needs to be hydrated and protected at all times. No exceptions.