Monday, July 27, 2009

Cellex-C Bio-tan Sunless Tanning Gel

This oil-free, peach colored gel has the benefits of DHA and erythrulose, . . . the winning combination for a self-tan product. Both of these self-tanning ingredients react with the keratin in the stratum corneum to form brown polymers called melanoids. DHA works a little faster than the erythrulose. The combination of the two allows for a more natural tan color, a longer lasting color, and less possibilities of streaking. Say good-bye to the unmistakable orange glow of a bad self-tanning product.

Dihydroxyacetone on its own can be dehydrating, but erythrulose helps to counter this negative. It is still highly recommended to keep the skin hydrated to slow down the sloughing off of the dead skin cells. The hyaluronic acid in this product also helps to boost the hydration of the skin. The lecithin functions as an anti-oxidant in its ability to help protect and keep the skin soft.

This is an incredible self-tanner, but there is a little more to the application than some other self-tanning products. The gel is applied, left to dry on the skin for about twenty minutes, and then worked into the rest of the skin. After three or four hours a moistened cloth can be used to remove the excess product, eliminating the potential for color to transfer to your clothing. It might seem a little finicky, but the result will definitely hit the wow factor.