Friday, July 31, 2009

Sothys - Face and Body Self Tanner

Sothys France launched a new sun line this year and it includes this incredible self tanner. It has both DHA (from canola) and erythrulose (from sugar). The combination of these two self tanning ingredients gives an impressive, longer-lasting color (not orange). Erythrulose minimizes the dehydrating effects DHA can have on the skin, . . . this slows desquamation keeping the color longer. The polyphenols of jasmine contribute to the pleasant, soft fragrance of the product, but also help increase antioxidants in the skin, which is always a very good thing. Our skin needs an arsenal of anti-oxidants to deal with the free radicals that continually attack.

The velvety texture of this product makes it easy to apply and spread. Like all self tanning products, follow the guidelines to get the best and longest lasting results . . . exfoliate, hydrate, then apply. Within a few hours you will have a beautiful tan and a sunny glow without the sun. For a darker tan simply apply a few days in a row. This product gives incredible results on the face as well, but remember, it will not last as long on your face as it will on your legs. The continual cleansing exfoliates the skin on your face faster.

FYI . . . the new Sothys sun line also has a Progressive Sunny Glow lotion that has a lower concentration of DHA and Erythrulose that is designed to be used daily to gradually give color or to keep your color.

* Skin Care Hint - It is a great idea to apply a serum under the self tanner to treat your skin type at the same time. Double up!