Friday, July 3, 2009

Top Ten Summer Skin Care Survival Tips

1. Add a new product to boost your skin care routine to increase its defense mechanisms and minimize damage from the extra exposure outdoors. This may be an oil control serum if you find your skin is oiler in the summer, an antioxidant product, a deep nourishing product for emolliency, and always hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
2. Drink more water. Many of us tend to be more active during the summer, which can lead to dehydration.
3. Wear sun protection. Be careful with extreme SPF numbers as they will have more chemical screens that can irritate the skin. A SPF 30 gives you about 98%. Select a good sun protection product that does more than provide SPF. Some contain other great ingredients to benefit the skin, i.e., anti-oxidants, dermal protein boosters, etc.
4. If applying SPF on top of your day cream feels too heavy, put a treatment serum under your sun protection. This will be lighter on the skin while still caring for your skin type. Don’t forget, when layering products always wait a minute or so between applications otherwise the products will build up on the skin surface and feel heavy.
5. Exfoliation for face and body will also benefit your skin as the skin thickens in the summer months as a defense action. Exfoliate once a week to improve the penetration of products you are using. It will also ensure a tan lasts longer.
6. Always use an after sun product. These products are designed to minimize the damage UV causes.
7. Body lotions will keep your skin hydrated and looking great and will help your tan (real or artificial) last longer.
8. Wear sunglasses with UV protection for your eyes. This will not only protect your eyes, but also minimize squinting which promotes crows feet. Larger sunglasses will cover the delicate eye area better preventing damage and concealing those fine lines that may already exist.
9. Hats can be fun and functional, add a little shade for our eyes and face, and protect hair from UV damage.
When you have had your limit of sun exposure, cover up or get out of the sun . . . applying more sun protection does not work.
10. Don’t forget to protect your lips, especially if you are prone to fever blisters (cold sores).