Friday, July 24, 2009

JAN MARINI - Bioglycolic Sunless Self-Tanner

It goes without saying that when using products within a line that believes in serious skin care you can be assured the self tanning product is not going to trash your skin and will more than likely offer other beneficial ingredients. Bonus time.

Jan Marini's self-tanner is a pleasant, fast drying product with a creamy texture that is easy to apply. This self-tanning product not only has DHA (Dihydoxyacetone - a sugar that reacts with the dead skin cells of the stratum corneum causing a color change), but the benefit of some coupled glycolic that facilitates the interaction of the DHA with the skin cells. Confused? Simply put, . . . a natural and personalized self-tan color appears sooner and lasts longer. Excellent. Squalene not only keeps the skin soft and protected, but along with vitamin C and E, it ensures this product also offers great anti-oxidant properties. The dimethicone gives the silky feel to this self-tanner and makes it a good choice for all skin types, including oily, and has been formulated for the face and body. As the saying goes, "exfoliate, hydrate and your tan will look great."