Friday, June 27, 2008

BIOELEMENTS Lightplex Scientific Pigment Balancer™

Bioelements Lightplex Scientific Pigment Balancer™ is a product that gives rapid visual results as it promotes the exfoliation of pigmented surface cells. This exfoliation also facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients that are focused on inhibiting melanin production, which will also serve to promote less pigment in the newer cells as they move to the skin's surface. The combination of these actions ensures a targeted lightening effect on hyperpigmentation.

This lightener contains several plant extracts that possess hydroquinone-like actions without the possible irritation or side effects of hydroquinone. These include arbutin, bearberry or uva ursi extracts, metacarpus scaber and waltheria indica extracts. Anti-oxidants are also incorporated into the formula to help minimize inflammation and boost the moisture levels of the skin making this product very pleasant to use. Dreamy.