Sunday, June 8, 2008

Spa Etiquette - Buff Naked

I would really like to go to a spa but am not big on the issue of nudity. Everyone I know drops their clothing for a massage in the buff and that is something I just can't do. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, statistics still show a great number of people stay away from visiting a spa for two primary reasons, . . . the anxiety around nudity and the thought of being touched by someone they do not know.

What to wear, or not wear, and the issue around the level of intimacy of a treatment is often a great concern for many timid spa newbies. Some bashful souls break out into a full sweat the very moment they are handed a robe and escorted to a change room. The level of discomfort most certainly rises upon instructions to remove the robe and slide underneath a sheet on the massage table. Don't worry, your therapist will leave the room while you arrange yourself. She knows not everyone is a member of the 'touchy-feely' crowd or entirely comfortable about being touched by a stranger, particularly in a state of undress. Some may say, "well, then a spa is just not for you." Untrue! There are a few key things that can be done to remove the perceived discomfort.

If you are shy, request a therapist of the same gender when booking the appointment. It is entirely appropriate to wear your panties underneath the robe, a bathing suit in the whirlpool, and a towel wrap for the sauna or steam room. If you are booking a treatment for your husband, ask him whether he would like a female or male therapist. Surveys reveal that most men are more comfortable with a female therapist. They do not have to go full commando, either.

Don't drink too many fluids before your treatment and go the bathroom just before your treatment. An hour is a long time between bathroom breaks with a full bladder. If you are shy, you will not want to get up off the table to visit the loo. And finally, relax and enjoy the moment. Feeling anxious during a treatment that was created to offer comfort is entirely counterproductive. Have faith in the professionals who work in the spa. They are well trained and know how to take good care of you.