Thursday, June 5, 2008

BIOELEMENTS Measured Micrograins

This exfoliant offers sensation-al benefits for those who like the feel of a granular scrub without the aggression that many granular exfoliants cause. The fine micro grains gently exfoliate as they are worked over the skin while the oat flour, centellas asiatica, ginseng, and chamomile keep the skin soothed and calm.

The algae and watercress boost the hydration ensuring the skin is gently exfoliated revealing a smooth hydrated glowing complexion. A nice product for those who like to focus on specific areas of concern, or for those who would rather apply the exfoliant, work it over the skin a little, and then leave it like a mask for ten minutes and rinse. One word of caution, if applying like a mask, do not let it dry on the skin as the kaolin and titanium dioxide will leech water out of the skin, . . . great product, but don’t let it dry. This product is not tested on animals.